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Welcome to the Blog

I've been interested in career development ever since my first job out of journalism school -- writing about career success stories and career development issues for a small magazine. Over the years, I've coached countless colleagues and acquaintances on improving their personal brand and helped them define their career goals. My own career has navigated an interesting and fulfilling path from journalism to non profit communications, then Fortune 500 MarComm and now on to technology startup content marketing. Yet for whatever reason, I've never blogged about those topics. But that's about to change.

Add me to your blog roll or RSS reader of choice to hear my POV on:

  • maximizing your personal brand to lead to the career opportunities you want
  • defining your ideal career path
  • finding and making the most of professional development opportunities
  • managing and leadership coaching
  • cool productivity apps and tools
  • and because I'm a marketer, some marketing-specific professional development
I'm looking forward to the conversation.